Our Awards

We proudly inform our valued clients that the European Economic and Finance Press Association has awarded MESE-Jeddah in November 1997, in Monte Carlo (Monaco) the:

  International Grand Prix to the Commercial Prestige- Europe 1997


  And in May 1998 the European Executive Members Association of the Greek Chamber of Commerce and Industry in  Athens (Greece) has granted MESE-Jeddah the:

  Golden Athena Award


  These two prestigious awards were granted to MESE-Jeddah for its excellent performance and presence in both the local and the international markets.

  Furthermore, we hope that you will gratify us your support along with your confidence in order to allow MESE-Jeddah receive the highest possible award which is the full trust of its esteemed customers.


  Key Success Factor 

  The key to our business success mainly lies on minute details consisting on offering our clients extra services such as: fire drill training program, fire evacuation drill, and not to mention competitive prices, strictly followed milestone as per convened schedule and thorough professional after sales services.

  Needless to mention that human resources is the backbone of any business entity and thus employee satisfaction through continuous training, motivations, incentives, bonuses, coaching, and the like, are one of our main concern.


  Human resources, planning, updating internal policies, sales strategy, marketing and continuous market adaptation are among the major basic elements of our company renown and success.